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Find out all the plot details and crucial information that happened in A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3). This recap is helpful in assisting you to remember key details and events that occurred within the book and it provides a summary of the most important things that you should remember before diving into the next book.

What Happened in A Court of Wings and Ruin

Two years before the wall is constructed Rhysand fights against the loyalists army with the humans, once the battle is over he searches for his friends among the dead.

Feyre attends a meeting with Ianthe, struggling with the way she betrayed her family. Tamlin informs them all that Hybern will be moving their forces into the Spring Court, starting with Jurian arriving. When Jurian arrives he brings with him two Hybern twins, Brannagh and Dagdan. Over dinner Jurian informs them that they will travel to the wall tomorrow.

Feyre, Lucien, Jurian and the twins arrive at the wall, inspecting the hole and making plans to visit the other holes in the wall. While Alis is dressing Feyre she mentions the Night Court and how happy Feyre looked while there, Feyre insists that it was all an act.

When Feyre attends the Summer Solstice Ceremony held by Ianthe, she moves one of the Priestess’s markers so that the sun shines on Feyre, marking her as blessed. That night Feyre awakes from a nightmare where she is trapped Under the Mountain. She joins Lucien in his room to recover and they embrace, Tamlin walks in on them and is shocked, it is all part of Feyre’s plan.

Ianthe interrupts everyone’s meal to inform them that the land around her temple is dying and she intends to find the cause. On the way back to the wall, Lucien tells Feyre that he tried to break her bargain with Rhys and once he failed Tamlin allied with Hybern.

Through the hole in the wall they find three Children of the Blessed, Feyre goes into their minds to scare them away before they can cross. The next day Feyre and Lucien find their bodies torn to pieces by the Hybern twins. Tamlin is furious at Feyre because she sends a Bogge after the twins and she hates that Tamlin sold everyone to Hybern to save her.

A sentry is blamed for letting seven naga into the estate, he pleads with Tamlin saying it was Ianthe who did it. The sentry is whipped as punishment and all other sentries are furious that Tamlin believes the High Priestess over his own men.

Alis tells Feyre that she is leaving for the Summer Court with her nephews. Feyre learns that the Cauldron will be used to collapse the wall, with this knowledge she plans to return back to the Night Court. Feyre sees Ianthe trap Lucien and start to abuse him, Feyre uses her Daemati abilities to control Ianthe and makes her smash her hand with a rock to immobilize her.

The Hybern twins approach Feyre and Lucien revealing that they know of Feyre’s powers and have been slowly poisoning her since they arrived. With what strength she has left Feyre fights and kills both twins. Feyre tells Lucien she is returning home and he says he must come with her to go see her sister, who is his mate.

Feyre and Lucien travel through the Autumn Court where they are captured by Lucien’s brothers. They manage to escape because Feyre uses her fire powers to burn them, after more traveling they arrive in the Winter Court.

Lucien and Feyre are trapped on a frozen lake by his brothers. Feyre fights the brothers but is defeated, Cassian and Azriel soon arrive to rescue her and Lucien. Once they arrive in Velaris, Feyre and Rhysand share what has happened while they have been apart and they make love.

Feyre visits the House of Wind, where her sisters have been staying. She finds Nesta in the library, brooding and angry. When Feyre looks at Cassian she sees that he has affection for Nesta. Elain sits alone in her bedroom, obviously depressed, only saying how she wants to return home to her human fiance.

Feyre and the inner circle have a meeting about Hybern deciding they should get Feyre’s sisters to help them and try to fix the holes in the wall, while stopping Hybern from getting allies. Nesta comes to a meeting and agrees to help fix the wall and visit the Court of Nightmares to practice her powers, while the others ask for aid.

Feyre trains with Cassian and Azriel begins to teach her to fly. Rhys and Feyre visit the library to find information about the wall and decide to recruit the Bone Carver. Feyre and Cassian speak to the Bone Carver and he agrees that if they bring him the Ouroboros Mirror then he will fight with them.

Keir meets with the Night Court inner circle and is reluctant to offer assistance, Rhysand knew this and invites Eris, heir to the Autumn Court to the meeting. Keir says he will help if he can have access to Velaris and Eris will urge his father to attend their High Lords meeting if they support his claim to the throne.

Mor is furious that Rhysand made a deal with Eris and Amren explains how the Bone Carver will need to be bound to a body, like she was, to be set free. Lucien sits with Elain, trying to heal her mind with their mating bond. Azriel trains Feyre to use her wings, telling her the story of how Nephelle saved Miryam even though her wings were small and deformed.

Nesta and Feyre are ambushed by Hybern Ravens in the library, they retreat to the pit where something evil lives. Feyre makes a bargain with the monster to bring it company if it kills the Hybern Ravens, it agrees.

Feyre realises that Elain has been made a seer after she tells everyone that there is another mortal queen. The queen was sold to an evil lord and is cursed to turn into a fire bird every night, Lucien offers to go and find her.

Rhys hears word that the Summer Court is under attack, when they arrive no other aid has come and the court is being slaughtered. Mor and Feyre fight their way through the palace, killing any Hybern soldiers they find. Meanwhile Rhys tracked down the King of Hybern but when he goes to strike, the king is nothing but an illusion.

Feyre meets with Tarquin who is furious with her for stealing the Book and rejects her offer of further help. The Inner Circle arrive at the Dawn Court for the meeting with the High Lords. All the High Lords arrive, with Beron and Tamlin both making an entrance. Tamlin insists that he has come to help but throws insults at Feyre. The High Lords agree they must take a faebane antidote to protect their powers and evacuate the Spring Court immediately.

Feyre finds out that Helion had an affair with Lucien’s mother, making him Lucien’s father. Nesta warns Feyre that they must return home immediately because she senses danger. A huge wave of power ripples over the lands, Nesta becoming sick as it happens and Rhys informs everyone that the Cauldron has brought the Wall down.

Amren and Feyre meet with Bryaxis in the library, offering him a second bargain in return for his help fighting against Hybern. Feyre and the others winnow to Graysen manor to ask Elain’s fiance to shelter humans. Jurian arrives at the meeting, saying he is not the enemy and that he has been fighting Hybern from the inside. Jurian informs them that the Hybern will launch their attack tomorrow from the Summer Court. Graysen is disgusted by Elain now that she is fae and says he no longer wants to marry her.

Mor and Feyre watch the battle rage from atop a hill, until Cassian returns needing to be healed. Feyre and Rhys put a glamour over the war camp so that they can ambush Hybern without their knowledge. Once they discover more of Hybern’s forces Feyre realizes that it isn’t the true army and she goes to ask the Suriel for answers.

Feyre asks Elain to use her powers to find the Suriel and meets it in the Middle. The Suriel says that she must use Nesta to find and nullify the Cauldron but before the Suriel can say more Ianthe and two Hybern soldiers shoot it.

Feyre escapes into the Weaver’s cottage and traps Ianthe and the guards inside. Feyre sits with the Suriel as it dies, it tells her that she was kind when no one else was. Nesta uses her abilities to find the location of the Cauldron and opens a link between it and the others who were made, enabling Hybern to take Elain.

Feyre uses Ianthe’s appearance to sneak into Hybern’s camp to rescue Elain. Feyre rescues Elain and Azriel comes to assist them, meanwhile Jurian has left an injured human who Feyre wanted to free. Feyre orders Azriel to leave with the girls, leaving her defenseless but she is saved by Tamlin who intercepts Hybern’s hounds.

Mor tells Feyre that she prefers females and doesn’t love Azriel. Hybern’s final attack is coming and Rhys orders everyone to winnow as many humans as they can out of harms way before the fighting starts.

Feyre goes to the Court of Nightmares to retrieve the Mirror to give to the Bone Carver. He tells her he never wanted the mirror and only wanted to see if Feyre was worthy of helping. As everyone prepares for battle, Feyre reveals that the Bone Carver, Bryaxis and the Weaver will be joining them.

Rhys doubts if they will win the battle just as Tamlin, Beron and Graysen come to their aid. Nesta screams as the Cauldron unleashes its power, killing Illyrian soldiers, she manages to warn Cassian before he is killed. Feyre’s father and Drakon bring their ships and armies to fight against Hybern.

Amren and Feyre run for the Cauldron but when Feyre touches it Amren betrays her. The Cauldron drags Feyre to Nesta, who is facing the King of Hybern who has their father captive. Cassian tries to save Nesta but is badly injured and the King kills their father. Elain thrusts her dagger into the king’s throat killing him.

Amren says that she betrayed them so that she could free herself but when she does she will kill everything in her path and not remember her previous life. Feyre realizes that the Cauldron gives everything life and must be restored, Rhys offers himself to be used as a conduit but the effort it takes ends up killing him.

The High Lords resurrect Rhysand and he manages to drag Amren back from dying. Lucien returns from finding Vassa and Feyre meets with Miryam and Drakon and asks them to hide the Cauldron on their island. Feyre calls a meeting to discuss a new treaty with the human and fae lands before they return back to Velaris.

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